The Sixties Scoop Lawsuit

Brown and Commanda are the representatives to a class action where they are suiing Canada.

They are suiing Canada on behalf of themselves and possibly 16,000 other aboriginal persons.

They are arguing that a wrongful act was committed. It happened between the years 1965 and 1984 and it has to do with Canada turning a blind eye or outsourcing its duty to preserve aboriginal cultural identity for all of the children in Ontario who were placed in non-aboriginal homes for adoption or as crown ward or foster children. They argue that in consequence of what Canada, or did not do, they lost their cultural identity and this has caused them much pain and suffering.

A judge of the Ontario Superior Court agreed that they had a cause of action, and the case should proceed. On October 14, 2010, on further attendance before the Judge, His Honour made clear that His ruling, as set out in the above reasons, meant the case was certified as a class action (i.e. 2 persons, Brown and Commanda can sue on behalf of a group who have a common interest and who comprise possibly 16, 000 other aboriginal persons).

Please bookmark and return to this site as we expand our resources and make registration available to all individuals impacted by these events.

Author: Sixties Scoop Lawsuit

The purpose of this site is to notify individuals directly or indirectly affected by the Sixties Scoop that they may register and possibly join in the class action lawsuit that is effectively proceeding against the Canadian Government. (October 2010) Please bookmark this site for further updates and registration information. Thank you.

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  1. I, too, was affected adversely by what is now known as “the sixties scoop”. I would appreciate knowing more about this class action lawsuit and be provided with updates and/or registration information.
    Thank you

  2. I am a Cree from Saskatchewan and all four of my siblings including myself were removed by Social Services in 1971. My two brother’s were adopted out to Ontario as well as my baby sister by another family. My younger sister and I were placed with a family here in Regina, Saskatchewan. My oldest brother committed suicide when he was seventeen. This was a definate hardship to our family especially our Mother who died at the age of 42, I never got to meet her and still have a hard time dealing with this. Being adopted into a non native family was extremely difficult in my situation as it turned out our adopted Mother was a racist (I know this is a very harsh word but it was very true) and was even committed into the hospital on two occasions before she adopted us however Social Services still let her adopt – I have quite a sad and difficult story to tell and would really appreciate updates or contact information on who I need to speak to. Thank you kindly, Sarah Masson


  4. My father and my aunty were adopted thankfully by my grandparents in the 50’s and 60’s. Fortunately, my grandmother and grandfather did not disclose to Children’s services that they were Aboriginal (both my grandparents are half white and half native and did not regain their status until Bill C-31)…and so they were allowed to adopt two aboriginal children. When I asked my grandfather why he lied about being Native, he told me that, both him and my grandmother knew they had to do whatever they could to save our children…he said the government doesn’t understand that Native children need different things than white children…and it is up to every Native person to do what they can for all children are our children. Between the two families (my grandfathers and my grandmothers) there were 11 siblings and each one adopted native children and for this I am truly grateful. I mention this because it is sad that my grandparents had to hide that they were native to get native children…but I am glad they did. I send my prayers to all those affected by the 60’s scoop….miigwetch

  5. I was one who was victimize by the CAS in the 60’s and i was took out of my home on my reservation of Pic MObert and was put into homes and was treated badly. I want to know how to go abouts and come together with this lawsuit and i have other people who were also took off the reserve and put into non aboriginal houses and lost my way of life.
    i just would like to know how i can help and be apart of this lawsuit.

  6. The scoop was especially virulent in the west and issues escalated to the abuse of children especially in the Barhead Region of Alberta children’s services. See the abuse of Richard Cardinal and many others which took place here in a film by Alanis Obamsiwin released in 1984. The child welfare Act was changed at that point and issues began to crop up immediately one way of attacking First Nations Children had been closed to the Childrens Services Network and another had opened up. All services were immediately moved and placed by attrition onto the other side of the great divide in all urban areas. On;ly band members had any protections and even those who were protected by their treaty status were abused if they were not from Alberta and/or lived in an urban area. By a series of acts of attrition formerly balmed on the Klien Cuts and the Mike Harris comon sense revolution childrens services were removed and downsized and advocacy programs were permitted to be negotiated for band members only a series of repatriation attempts took place and some children were returned. Slowly all services were cut out completely with non-sustainable services project based in their places. In addition the funding for services was moved to only for children in care creating a requirement for appprehension to recieve even healthcare services. ( See Jordan’s Principle.) The use of in the family placement was reserved for those persons who were either of less Indian blood or the person of the mixed marriage who was non-Indian. The childrens services delegates attacked by placement using the least suitable possible palcement within the family system or clan in every case. These were spite placements based on an offender apologist formula. The effect of making use of the childrens services to change hands in a custody dispute hardened all lines of resistence and created ireparable rifts in the community since the delegates demanded that the entire family band and clan join them in their abuse of the mother. Victim balming and abuse became rampant against women and the use of a program of violation by the Mormon groups who believe in the lowering of the status of all women and children was a major impetus. Bosco Homes and sveral programs which joined RCMP/Police Services were offered allowing policing but not protection to the women and children. Most recently attacks on Fis=rst nations have included tri-partite aggreements and the issue of abuse of children through the removal and isolation or constant apprehension underfunding and overwhelming the first Nations proigrams on reserve and the most suitable foster palvcements with so-called permanency planning forcing adoptions over a short period of time. In addition this allows the placene=ment outside the family and into the Non-first Nations foster care overflow system which is better funded and larger than the First Nations programs. Preventaive measures have been removed and issues in access to family support without the actions of the racist attackers at Childrens services has been in operation. Offenders at Childrens services attack any person in recipt of services through an abuse campaign of cross ministry stalking of First Nations children. The child witness attack laws entered into in Alberta permit apprehensions in the least stringent circumstab-nces and false accusations by the Childrens services delegates or any person trained as one of the army of abusive volunteers attacking children daily through programs such as : the Little Warriors, The volunteers at the Victims Services units, the volunteers at the so-called mental health first aid programs, volunteers at pre-school programs, volunteers at the Zebra Program in Edmonton or the Home front program in Calgary as well as the Institue for the Adnvancement of Aborigenal women and the Childrens Advocates office of so called “Natural Advocates”. Issues in the volunteer sector include extreme lack of professionalism no knowledge of local First nations customs inapproriate racial profiling and ongoing hysteria. The issue is also a reliance on pop psychology and trends in diagnosis which have little or nothing to do with the facts. The falsified evidence based abuse using so-called trend diagnosis and applying health-care fi=unding to aareas of greatest need has caused the deaths of double the number of people in a H1N1 diagnosis application of vacine d-from which Albertans hgave not recoved refusing to access influenza vacine isf they are to be approached by Police to tell them they are not in the most at risk group and must leave line-ups to return home. The false evidence based abuse of children has created missuse of funds and left the most needy especially children at greater risk of every type of illness through refusal of healthcare services or abuse during health services access by Childrens Services ddelegates and racist individuals at the Lois Hole Hospital For Women/ The Royal Alexandra Hospital/ The university of Alberta Hospital and the Glenrose rehabiliation hospital. Youth assessemnts Centers and programs of psychological services provide racist analysis which create false positives in mental health diagnosis ignoring the apprehension, isoaltion, squeeze-play interviews, repeated verbal abuse ( continually calling the parent a liar in front of the child) and allegations, physical abuse dragging forcing the child into cars chasing them demanding the parent assist verbally abusing the chil through cruel bad parenting skills and abusive allegtions which are founded in a need to find fault and not in reality, ongoing propping up of the origenal allegations by constant minute or mciroscopic scrutiny,and racial abuse as impetus for trauma. Low skill workers making use of their personal preferences or ideals to make allegations that the parent does not do things as they would do them. Excessive supervision and use of attacks by refusal to acept the accusations are false. Disgusting abuse of the child for example describing the child as delusional because they have discussed a tellevison program with this child in which the mouse is larger than the cat at age four( Toopy and Beanu cartoons). Collaboration in cover-ups creating files which are off point to describe issues of abuse by a colleague. Degrading and insulting repeated accusations of prostitution or criminality to a parent to get at other family members of whifch the parent may not even be awre are committing any type of crime and which are unrealted to the issue. Lying to each family member by insinuation and threat as if all are criminals. Parents who mistakenly believe one of the Police teams otr delegates will have created a fear or a search and struggle to understand how they did not know of the issue prior to the time. In reality there is no issue and no crime has been committed and no lie told, the investiugators use this as a investigatory technique to enhance a rift. Two children are now dea in East Edmonton as a result of this false allegation method used agasinst the family ( See Cardinal) they create desperation and unfounded grief and pain in the entire famoily looking for a tragic flaw which will justify their abuse of the child.

  7. I was born in 1964 and spent my wholechild in the welfare system. I would appreciate updates and information on this subject.

  8. I welcome all of you, who have the courage to tell your story. Ours (Marcia and I) will be brought forth in the near future as the case proceeds to the next level. If you require more info or just want to address certain issues, please email me anytime at . I’m also on Facebook. Miigwiich to all those who come forward with your experiences from these non-Aboriginal homes.

  9. I was taken from my birthmother when i was only two weeks old and given to a white family. CAS lied to my mother about the reason why i was being put into care. It was to only be temporary they told her, while she received more education. She had been a residential school kid previously. She never saw me again….she tried to no avail.
    Im so angry this happened. Ive suffered all my life with the feelings of loss and emptiness. Im 47 now and i still carry these feelings. Ive been thru counselling, rehabs, struggled with addictions, suicidal thoughts and attempts, depression, failed relationships and low self-esteem.
    I finally met my birthmother when i was 27 only to have her pass on from this life 5 years later. All the abuse she suffered while in residential school led her down the road to drunkeness and despair. She was sober when she died..only because she had diabetes. Too little …too late however. The system killed her, her language,traditions,culture etc etc. were all taken from her.
    I was taken from her in 1963, my question is:
    from the wording of the “CLASS” only those children apprehended in ’65 or later are
    involved in the ACTION.
    Mr. Alex Hamilton please correct me if im wrong, or acknowledge me if im correct.
    If i am correct…what, if any recourse will we have?
    Will the Brown and Commanda case set a precedent for the rest of us….or will another Class Action Suit need to begin?
    I feel as though im being left in the dark and feel as though im falling through the systems cracks again. Its frustrating to say the least.
    I made it to the first hearings in Toronta last spring and was quite excited at the prospect of the Government and Childrens Aid to finally have to take responsibility for the damages they have caused over all these years. I know for a fact i didnt sign up for all the shit and abuse and craziness in the house they put me into….nor did my birthmother knowingly sign me up for that.
    I pray we all find some peace with the outcome..whatever that may be.

  10. When I was four years old, my adopted parents felt it necessary to drugg me with Ritalin but it caused great damage to my personal development emediately and later on in my life – my symptoms were from the adoptive environment and NOT by anything attributed to my brain chemistry but at the age of four, I was beside myself. My situation was worsened overall by the lack of love and respect from my addoptive parents – in the first place. I was later told by my adoptive parents that “adoptions don’t work,” and they promptly severed relations with me. I experienced a disproportionate amount of racism in my adopted environment as well – the kind of racism that the third (fourth) reich would be proud of… In closing, this ordeal i call a life was stolen by people who tried to erase me and my ancestors, I’m going to be 44 in a couple of days and I still feel like I haven’t lived at all in my life – my soul has been stolen. As long as there is no justice for me i will wander nameless and most likely pennyless as i head into the latter days of my so called life. I tried to talk about how i feel to “the usual sources” and no one is listening or could care less about my problems – i understand the sense of apathy (who doesn’t in the DTES) but isn’t this battle (the sixties scoop) about personal rights and freedoms – something that affects us all? I hope there will be resourses available soon for scoopies to access for the healing to begin? Thankyou for the oportunity to voice my opinions and concerns on this site.

  11. interesting yes , but I have same question as others when will this expand
    to the north, born in 1959 native mother labled bill c31 lived have my life
    being called just another dumb white man cause my father was french,
    mother dumped all seven of us children back on grandparents,whose children
    were all residential school disasters drunken molesters. It did not take long to relize
    I too was only a dollar bill, being passed around to different homes, so sad to see
    abuse was not issolated to any one family wittnessed my 4 sisters suffering through
    their childhood, to date so full of hatred for all their uncles and granfathers yuk
    to pittifull to go on let alone think about the assshole day school we were put in,
    all those of you who are brave enough to comment, me and my sisters we feel for you
    It only took 52 years write any of this embarrassing existance we try to make our
    lives out of .{all our relations}

  12. It is vital for those in other provinces to learn about this precedent in Ontario, and the legal-ease of it, but it will be those whose experiences that will have to lead…and that is part of the healing process…the two that began the legal aspects, are only leading those parts…the healing that each of us has to do in our own lives, comes about in many ways, and in every way it is each of us doing…reading, singing, and some days, just living…it has been 20 years this March since finding truths and I continue to live out my life well, through active healing and meaningmaking…at times with counselling, at times alone, but mostly in prayer, with tobacco, with waters-tears, rivers and ocean-sometimes in being active-walking, biking and otherwise and not waiting for someone else to show me how to heal my wounds, but to tend to them, learn myself how to tend to my self–as that is one lesson none of us recieved in a good way, that is how to value our self and our gifts and value and path–and then how to offer to others what I know…what I know is that it will continue to hurt like hell, unless you tend to it…if you don’t it spills into the whole of self, like dis-ease, and the healing of it might hurt like hell and cause you to cry but the meaning making of healing will help to move you…there is loss and there is love, there is not always an answer or a quick fix, or a fix at all…these experiences of disconnection are our connections to each other….not one Indian family, Indigenous social infrastructure is complete and we all share that reality but we also all share, transformative knowledges, ceremony and connection to the other world, that waits for us to acknowledge-to put down tobacco, to ask for recognition and reciprocity in creation and it may take time but every day prayers, every minute prayers from your soul, to the souls of your ancestors, you will have strength as the energies and love is infinite and waiting…those stories are still there, the lands you belong to, our still there, you have got to get to them, and let them work on you…
    20 years of my life I have been doing and catching up and paying for the early traumas and it is not easy but if Iwant to change this for the future, for the ones I will not meet, I have got to step up and make sense–not accept, not understand and not assume the position–but to make sense of what happened and how to make that NOT be a reality for another generation…that means, if it helps, it helped me, to think of a massacre in which all are left for dead under which I found myself, breathing barely…I wait until darkness to walk away and no one comes for me,…I am alive and start to find food, and water and begin to survive day to day until one day, I realize that I am ‘ok’ enough to look for someone and something more, so I start out eyes open, not knowing what I find…and so I leave things on the ground and realize others have left things a long time before me and they lead me to places…but it means I must be brave, I must be open, I must acknowledge that I have been affected and none of it makes any sense and I am scared…but most important I must do it anyways and ask for love from my ancestors and accept what it is that I am to do with this life and this energy…and live accordingly…easier said than done…which is why prayer is so important and the ways of our ancestors have thrived much longer than contact and colonialism and racism and all its related disease…but it is hard…and it gets easier, with time but it is hard…I have yet to have a week that I can say, ‘yeah i am good to go’, but I have days sometimes in a row…and when i don’t I care and mother and father myself in ways that I know I was not provided for, otherwise I am still in their care

  13. So am I still left in the dark because adoption took place in the states? My birth mother is native and our band is in Ontario. Me and my 2 brothers were found and taken by CPS in the states and after bouncing from foster home to foster home were finally adopted by a white couple. We were physically and sexually abused. Six years ago I found my way home, here in Ontario with my band. This has been such a healing process for me. I have been able to meet the other 10 siblings I have that were also taken by CAS here in Ontario. So still I am left wondering will there ever be closure for us?

  14. well i was also one of the unfortunate people who was taken from my home, i was raised about 6 yrs in various fosterhomes, some were ok however most were in it for the money and free labour. I would like to have voice in this matter. I was lucky however to have been adopted into a good caring home.

  15. Question?

    Did you have to live on a reserve to qualify?
    I did not live on a reserve at the time when I went live in foster care in 1968.
    My family was fighting to get their rights reinstated with INAC . We finally were registered in 2003.

    I have been robbed of my hertitage and culture in many ways.

  16. Thankful today that i found this website and know that Im not alone in trying to find myself! I too was taken in the early 70s and adopted out to white family and had my native culture taken from me and I have found my way back to my roots thankfully, however has not been easy for me because of being raised “white”. would like to find out more information about this lawsuit and be a part of it. I also welcome hearing from likeminded people and their stories.

  17. In my community I still see aboriginal youth being ripped out of their homes and placed in non native foster homes .

    Those who have had this experience of being placed in these homes and being adopted into non native families must ensure this practice stops .
    In my eyes this practice mirrors the experience of going to residential school and being ripped from your parents , extended families , culture, language , and heritage.

    Some of the adopted children and foster children don’t even know they have First Nations’ heritage till they are already experiencing addictions and violence because of the disconnect.
    We don’t fit in any where not with our real First Nations families and certainly not with the white family we were placed with.

    When you are a child or youg adult it’s like being trapped in a culture that doesn’t fit.
    I was always being told conform it will be an easier transition.
    Maybe easier for them! It’s like being raped of your thoughts and dreams playing a part in a play. But the character is nothing like you. You don’t know who you are anymore . You have lost your spiritually and your connection with your land your people and way of life.

    Let’s not let this happen to the aboriginal children of this generation . Our children are our FUTURE and they should be our FOCUS. Let the practice of non aboriginal children being placed in non native homes STOP NOW!

  18. This needs to suit needs to expand beyond Ontario. Saskatchewan was involved in this little scam for years in the 50’s. My adoptive parents insisted I was French & Ukrainian until the day they died. I never told them I found out I was Metis/Chipp. Cree at age 28..they hated F.N. people. Growing up I was told FN people were good only to pick rocks on our Sask. farm. At age 55, I am still trying to rediscover my true heritage and language.

  19. Hello, I am a mother of the 60 scoop:( I placed my 3 children in tempary care. As I’m sure you know my issues could not be better over night.when i called CAS about them they could not tell me where they were? that’s 42 yrs ago. what a cruel and inhumane thing to do to the mothers and children of this country called Canada. Shame on each and everyone of you’s who have done this to us.
    I’m glad to see these adults kids are speaking out and want answers, and want their files etc. Be sure to be at their rally in toronto ,Ont June 15th @ 11am Queens Park. go and listen to what they have to tell you’s. go and see what you your selves have done! melba a 6o Scoop mother 🙂

  20. I never had a chance to meet my mom. After reading through all the comments, yours stood out the most to me. I was adopted at 3 years old. I find it such a challenge to try and reconnect with my nation. Anyways, it just felt good to hear from a mom.

  21. I was one of them sixties scoop .I was placed in a foster home before placed in closed adoption .I may have been placed in a aboriginal home but there is a need to express that there was much abuse involved of constant reminder of that I was not a member of the family.I was an outsider .I was just a slave to them.I had lost my biological family and their culture.I don’t even understand their language as we have different aboriginal languages.It’s not just the children that were placed in non aboriginal homes.It’s impacts all the children that were removed by CAS and placed up for adoption. Today I’m still searching for my biological family and the stress it involves in doing this.I feel so alone and always feeling there’s a big piece missing .sometimes i wonder where do i belong cause i don’t belong here.i’m still treated as an outsider .


  23. I along with my two brothers were ripped away from our family in 1966. I was three then, and we were bounced from foster home to foster to finally being put into a white family in northern part of Saskatchewan. We have also a story to tell, of abuse (emotional, physical and sexual). I grew up constantly being reminded that I was an Indian. That I should be thankful that they adopted us, because we would probably end up like our parents drunk, unemployed, and not fit for society. The foster homes were horrendous and now a days there would be serious legal charges laid against them, along with legal charges laid against the Adopted Family. Who gave them the right to treat us like animals???? I hate them all, I just hate.

  24. Hello my name is Eva I am a first nation from Little Saskatchewan and I am also a sixties scoop victim, I was in foster care at the age of 4-5 and later adopted by a family that I also thought was a white middle class only to find out years later they were actually Metis.My email is phone #(204) 415-3398 please call me when you find someone in Winnipeg ,who will file a law suit on our behalf thank you.

  25. Dear Marge I read your post I am also a sixties scoop survivor I just want to say to you don’t give up the fight there are people out in the community that are there for us an example Manitoba first Nations Repatriation in Winnipeg they are in the phone book and are very helpful. I saw them for almost 8 years off and on they will help you file the necessary paperwork to help find your family or you can put your name on the list for adoptions list seeking to find your siblings there is an American registry as well

  26. your case is the same as the rest of us an yes there will be closure once the case is heard minn usa me im suing nobody should be allowed to come to your house and take your children and if you do you better dam well take care of them and they didnt united states was a pretty bad place when you ran away you had nowhere to run they always brought you back i called my worker he said david you have to live with with you got so they didint care ther were 18 of us that got taken at one time most went to states an were holding the goverment responsible for what they did to you and myfamily lost boysclass action law suit manitoba we will hav our day

  27. on behalf of the 60 scoops i have filed a class action suit against all of them didnt want to leave anyone out fed pov and childrens aiddddddddd lost of culture heritage abuse neglect you name it there in it yes this started long before the 60s they have to open up all the files to us i believe there are 30 to 40 thousand of us that this happen to rite across canada let us not forget the ones that did not make it home its good to see so much doing the right thing pleasecall me 1204 524-2575 lostboys thank you

  28. hi this is manashe Rae. i would like to know more about this cuz i am one of the unfortunates that was,should i say abducted back in the sixties; i still have the original documents to prove that i was adopted. if who is in charge of this venture i would like to come aboard ; in closing. they were wrong in what they did. C.A.S.and the government…….

  29. Hi Ivan – are you on twitter? are any of you on twitter? I’m one of you and I would love to make this part of history more public. My birth mother was 14 years old when I was born. I was adopted by a white family and abused like many others. I found my birth mother who sadly suffered like many others – we didn’t bond. How could we? We were both broken. I moved on to make something of my life. It took a lot of work…blood, sweat and guile. And yet in January I’m getting married in Paris, France of all places! And the French government requires that I have a document from the Canadian embassy to replace the fact I don’t have a long form birth certificate – the point of the document is to list my parents names. And those names are of the people who adopted me and rejected me. I was 17 and wondering how the hell I would make something of my life. And now on my marriage certificate it will have the names of those people…. When will it end? The answer? It won’t….but I do want justice to be seen as much as it can be seen. I admire anyone with the courage to take this onboard.

  30. So would I if you get any more information on this topic my name is Eva Pellettieri my e-mail phone 204 415-3398 please feel free to call me Thank you

  31. My name is Lawence McKinzie I am Fifty years old. I was taken from my family when I was three years and my sister was four. How I was apprenhended was horrific!.
    I have had no help on my return . I have no direction on which way to go about this lawsiut?
    I would like some answers as to why this happened and for restitution!
    I am not the little boy that was taken so many years age, nor am I whole as a person.
    Pllease if anyone has information please feel free to contact me via facebook .
    I cannot get into my e-mail , so if you please use facebook

  32. We need not just take this to both federal and provincial court since this is the law of the perpetraters we need to heed charges of genocide and file the 60’s scoop as crimes against humanity at the Haque. We are very powerful people and can stand to any crimes against us by our oppressor…but we do need to come together and begin the processes concurrently with the provincial and federal lawsuits and file an international legal action against the Queen, Canada, Britain and the pope for the atrocities they committed towards the First Nations people in Canada…these culprits are in this together as their paper trail has been telling us all along that termination is the only way they can legally take away our land. Let’s fight this as Nations so we can be strong once again

  33. my name is matt, I’m from Enoch, Alberta, I was taken when I was 2 yrs old in 1963, raised with non native family in Alberta, I speak French, I have 12 sibblings who I do not know very good we are like friends. I started a program called Eaglesham boys, we do talks about being raised in non native homes and bring awareness to future young families on how important it is to keep their children and the importance of drinking and drugs

  34. I bookmarked thiis site and return as much as I can but see that there hasn’t been any updates since I first discovered this site

  35. Hi Sharon, I just saw your post from 2010. Can you send me any info you got or if you have any info if this included BC too, your story sounds almost EXACTLY like my husband’s, he is from Alberta, was taken at just months old him and his two toddler sisters, and scooped and sent to live with someone else in foster care where he and many otehrs were abused. When social services was told of the sexual, physical and emotional abuse, they apprehended them one day coming home from school flew them to some hell in gone place in northern alberta and left them with a different family. At least the creepy foster parents he had were his only family he knew but to be snatched a second time and treated that way is atrocious! Not to mention noting came of the abusers, social services never investigated this at all. My husband was born in 1963 his sister in 1964 and 65 I believe it was. He too never found his mother or his father, when he asked social services about 15 years ago for his parental history they told him that he had to pay for his records and he didn’t have the money. He was so frustrated he gave up . He found his dad 2 months after he died, and still hasn’t found but his two sisters. just ridiculous. Can you let me know if you got any good info I have been so sickened by their story for a long time and think someone needs to know about this, but it sounds like it may have been part of this stupid sixtires scoop thing. he was apprehended at a few months old.

    thank you

  36. Hello,
    My name is Andrew and I am from Winnipeg,MB who is was also apprehended at birth. Although I was raised in a loving,caring home and well educated I never really fit into the middle class society where I lived. Having my identity and culture lost I never was truly accepted in the caucasion or aboriginal life. Around the age of eight my mother struggled with being single. It affected all of us and more so myself without having a father figure eventually I turned to alcohol in the adolencent years. I spiraled downward and lived on the streets of Winnipeg for many years. Call it fate or a journey as at that hard time in my life I was eventually led to the place of origin. It was though it was meant to happen or call it coincidence. I was recognized by a woman at the Reserve Band Office as possibly belonging to the Reservation. She ended up being my aunt and at that time my biological brother and sister as well as my father was there who live in the United States happened to be visiting at that time.
    Upon the meeting my biological mother was unavailable at that time and went and spent time in the United States with them.
    A week later I returned and met my biological mother and too spent time with her. I still keep in contact with them and even though I know where I come from there is a part that is missing and probably will never find it and still struggle with being accepted into mainstream society.

  37. Hello my name is Keri Mcrindle..I was told my mother never singed adoption papers or any kind of papers…I am from NWT and am one of those children that never knew who I was And lost a family and my heritage and culture due to me being taken…can you tell me what we as the children of that time do for ourselves to composite our lives and our beliefs of what our lives have become and what we the children think….

  38. Hi there I am not Indian but am wondering if any one can help me my friend was born in 1967 in BC he was taken as a baby from his native family and was place in foster care he was given his foster family name he knows nothing of his family side he has no info at all where can he begin to find out at least his parents name thanks any information will help

  39. i am from saskatchewan of the same situation as you have you heard anything positive about the legallities and which provinces are filing yet.

  40. Does anyone answer these replies? Can we contact someone who knows the details of what has happened with this case in 2010? Because we are slowly finding out about this, and have very little knowledge of these procedures. Is there someone that we can actually talk with who will guide us towards dealing with this? If someone is reading this and has some knowledge of what to do please contact us, there are a number of Facebook sites where we can be contacted, but for myself please call me at 1 403 903 0117. My name is Michael Fatt, and I’m a survivor!

  41. I was in foster care in the late 70s and then shipped to the states from 1979-1984, my name is louis hreha, still have the last name from the people who adopted me in the states, beardy is my original last name ,

  42. I have been waiting forever for a reply to the application I submitted so long now, I, m having dought that I or any of us survivors will ever have closure to the harm that was done to us thanks to the gov, t.. I suppose I will be dead before anything happens, oh well I , ve lived this long with the ghosts of the past and all the pain and suffering I guess it just doesn, t matter. Anyway good luck ,,, I give up.

  43. My whole family, including 5 children, were taken from our home and put into foster care in 1964, without giving my band office notice! Further, my grandmother informed social services that she wanted to take us into her home, those requests were ignored as they separated us and put us into 2 different white foster homes. Today, at 56 I don’t know my language or my culture, and although I know my family through Facebook today, I am still considered an outsider, different from the ones who stayed on reserve.

  44. how do I apply? I was also adopted out to a Caucasian family and was told not to hang out with natives

  45. I was taken at birth, in 76, and put into an agency. They adopted me out to a family that would seem perfect from the outside looking in. I suffered daily abuse and mental torture at the hands of my mother for the greater part of my youth. Suffered years of identity crisis as well. My life sucked until I let go about 10 years ago.

  46. My name is Darlene Harris (Dick), my sibling and me got apprehended in 1968 we were placed in two different homes . Our mother died while in care , she passed on in Nov 1970, today I am a mother , grandmother , , sister , aunt , cousin , daughter to Gary our dad ! To this day I have lost family bond , to my thoughts family bond is most important “bonding” is a struggle with family and any family funksions , I feel lost and I feel like o am in a corner screaming to be loved “but” the love is dead , also know as gone . Unable to know why? Why do o feel like this ? I feel like I have no family , I have no one , I am lost forever , I am close to my sister Janice . We were both in same foster home, I try real hard to fit in with family gathering , I don’t feel no love or no closeness or feel I will ever fit in. My dad is still alive , we are strangers to each other to this day ? “Still” I cannot fix the bonding , all I can do is make sure I look after my children who are now adults . I love my foster family very much , my foster mom is a strong lady and I love her to this day ! For my biological father I feel lost and work hard each week to become closer , but I cannot , I cry inside for my identity and I gained more culture and Stolo / Thompson teachings and love my sibling . I work hard each day to be a better person then I was the day before , May Crestor bless all 1960’s scoop and take away , sadness , sickness and sorrow . All My Relations ! From Darlene Harris , Chilliwack, BC

  47. I was taken from my home, my mother from (Dokis First Nation, Ontario) when I was about 4 months old, never to return. I found my mother in 1993 , Everything was taken away from me, my culture, my language, my IDENTITY, the Essence of who I was. It happenned before the 60’s Scoop. I was taken away in 1946. What happens to me? I don’t fit in the 60’s Scoop… it’s horrendous that we are forgotten. It happenned many years before the sixties………….I attended the rally in August 23, 2016, was told that I wouldn’t be considered in that suit. I can’t go for I fell and I not able to attend to this 60’s Scoop Session.

  48. I’m looking for where my biological father is from. He may have been a victim of the scoop. Was born in 1964, in Chilliwack BC but the Family name “Ward” doesn’t seem to be in the area and so far I’ve been pointed in the direction of AB. His first name is Brian. I don’t know where to begin looking for where i can find other Ward’s so i can find part of my heritage, I was born with my mother’s last name not his.

  49. Brian Ward is my first cousin, Is brian Thompson/Stolo first nations, if he is then he is my first cousin. please get back to me, you . thankyou Darlene Harris

  50. Darlene, i don’t know which nation he is from, i assumed stolo/thompson because he was born in Chilliwack. his middle name is George, if that helps to further identify. I believe he still lives in Vancouver, in the downtown eastside area. if you would like to further contact me, my email is

    Thanks Jennifer Colomb-Sayle

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