I am very pleased to inform everyone that the Ontario Court of Appeal granted us leave to appeal the decision of the Ontario Divisional Court.

This means that we met the test of compelling reasons to satisfy the Court of Appeal that a further review by a court higher than the Ontario Divisional Court is required.

There will be a further update once we are given a date for the appearance before the Court of Appeal for Ontario.

It is a long road, but we are still on it, moving forward.


We are still awaiting word from the Ontario Court of Appeal as to whether or not that court will grant leave for us to appeal the Order of the Ontario Divisional Court (first Appellate court) to the Court of Appeal as the 2nd Appellate court. Leave is required. 

If leave is granted, then we proceed with the appeal to that Court. 

If leave is not granted, we start the journey again before a different judge.


Chithika Withanage