We are still awaiting word from the Ontario Court of Appeal as to whether or not that court will grant leave for us to appeal the Order of the Ontario Divisional Court (first Appellate court) to the Court of Appeal as the 2nd Appellate court. Leave is required. 

If leave is granted, then we proceed with the appeal to that Court. 

If leave is not granted, we start the journey again before a different judge.


Chithika Withanage                                                                                                                            

Author: Sixties Scoop Lawsuit

The purpose of this site is to notify individuals directly or indirectly affected by the Sixties Scoop that they may register and possibly join in the class action lawsuit that is effectively proceeding against the Canadian Government. (October 2010) Please bookmark this site for further updates and registration information. Thank you.

3 thoughts on “Update”

  1. I Am currently being represented By Merchant Law. Group in Sask. I have been following your peoples progress. I hope the best in your cases. I also was shipped off when I was eight with My sister to BC to an. abusive home the Gov. Or Ss. Were negligent in giving or even checking back on us We were treated worse than Dogs I want the gov to be held accountable for My sisters tragic demise and our horrific abuse and neglect By our so called adopted family I have seen many of our people adopted au nprofoundly affected by attrocities commited by so called adopted families and environments I am saddend by the blatent patetic

  2. Pardon my typing but I’m sure you know my feelings witch are shared by countless lost and destroyed By the gov ss. RCMP whom were also tools of these attrocities if they didnt like your parents or family they went out of their way to destroy separate ship off children

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