I am very pleased to inform everyone that the Ontario Court of Appeal granted us leave to appeal the decision of the Ontario Divisional Court.

This means that we met the test of compelling reasons to satisfy the Court of Appeal that a further review by a court higher than the Ontario Divisional Court is required.

There will be a further update once we are given a date for the appearance before the Court of Appeal for Ontario.

It is a long road, but we are still on it, moving forward.

Author: Sixties Scoop Lawsuit

The purpose of this site is to notify individuals directly or indirectly affected by the Sixties Scoop that they may register and possibly join in the class action lawsuit that is effectively proceeding against the Canadian Government. (October 2010) Please bookmark this site for further updates and registration information. Thank you.

7 thoughts on “Update”

  1. Great to hear some positive decisions have been made so the lawsuit can move forward instead of having to begin the journey again. Keep up the hard work and I will continue to pray for guideness and strength you as you move forward.

  2. Great news – much better than having to begin the journey from the beginning. I will continue to pray for guidance and strength for all of you who continue to work so hard on our behalf. A quick question: I completed an application however, I was not a permanent ward of the government in Ontario – it was Saskatchewan. Will we be included in this joint class action lawsuit or should we be placing another application within Saskatchewan? Any info would be greatly appreciated for many of the Sixties Scoop followers!!
    Sharon Bell

  3. wow that is great news and a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step and though the road is long and no doubt full of potholes at least this is a step in the right direction… Many people who were unwilling participants in this child scoop of the native communities may have vindication at some time in the future and at the very least have their voices heard publicly instead of just between themselves. I hope everyone continues to support one another in this endeavour and cooperates to ensure this case moves forward with a steady pace and a learned legal team… congrats on the victory to date 🙂

  4. I wonder how many other Mother’s signatures Social Services forged to enable moving foster children out of their communities and culture and to move them 800 miles away from their home without warning to be adopted out?

  5. My husband was forced into adoption by a “White” Couple, his extended family was not allowed the opportunity to take him into their homes before he was forcefully adopted out to this couple who would go to the local bar in Stanley Ontario near the river and leave him unattended in their vehicle to his own devices while they libated… so how is that any different from the native culture he was being raised in according to the social workers that apprehended him?…

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