Latest on the 60’s Scoop Case

In its June 28th, 2013 court filed document, Canada asserts 16,000 children’s loss of aboriginal identity was in their best interests.

Canada says it had no responsibility for the 60’s Scoop and, in fact, what took place was for the children’s own good.

The class action motion is proceeding and it will be heard in Toronto on July 15th, July 16th and July 18th, 2013 in Courtroom #5, Osgoode Hall, 130 Queen Street West, Toronto. 

This is a long journey, and the journey is as important as the outcome.

Your honourable presence and support is welcome and appreciated.

Author: Sixties Scoop Lawsuit

The purpose of this site is to notify individuals directly or indirectly affected by the Sixties Scoop that they may register and possibly join in the class action lawsuit that is effectively proceeding against the Canadian Government. (October 2010) Please bookmark this site for further updates and registration information. Thank you.

5 thoughts on “Latest on the 60’s Scoop Case”

  1. “Canada says it had no responsibility for the 60’s Scoop and, in fact, what took place was for the children’s own good.”
    This statement makes me angry, if they only knew what really happened to us. I think that statement would not be said, it is an atrocitiy.
    Still Healing
    Christin Dennis

  2. if Canada had no responsibility than how would they know what is good for us you cannot put a price on people’s emotions because you can never ever regain what you have lost. my youth and everyone else’s for that matter only happens once and ready’s you for the world in so many ways. Doing this away from your biological family leaves you with so many unanswered questions in your life. What I have lost makes me very lonely and depressed every day but have to suppress it in order to survive for my kids and make them strong. Canada has to realize that we are people that also bleed red like everyone else with the same emotions. Imagine if roles were reversed, what would the outcome be? Be strong my fellow survivors!!!!!

  3. I am both shocked and dismayed about Canada’s June 28/13 court filed document where it asserts 16,000 children’s loss of Aboriginal identity was in their best interests. This confirms Canada’s long standing policy of assimilating the Indigenous peoples (First Nations, Inuit, and Metis) into the mainstream with no consideration on the impact on individuals, families, and communities of these affected peoples.

  4. The children were placed in adopted homes and this was in the child’s best interest. Apparently, that particular judge gave an extreme biased opinion. Some of our Nations children were adopted out, to places auch as England only to return home severely wounded, physically, sexually and psychologically. The ignorance of high paid judges is unacceptable. Do your research before making biased assumptions.

  5. Good day and greetings’ I am currently residing on a federal reserve for indians in Canada ,,,ON…the other day i notice a poster regarding the ”sixties scoop”when making a inquiry at the administration office,,,no one present knew anything about this ”posting” the chief did say he was briefed at a national level yet knew very little of this ”class action” regarding ???? Pink Floyd said it the best ”is there anybody out there”…..that can ”help”….please consider posting in your poster where those directly effected can apply….or even better still = post on here….very interested in ”justice” coming home….Sixties Scoop surviour…

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