Canada granted leave to appeal

Once again, Canada asks for permission to appeal the decision granting certification of the case as a class proceeding and, once again, permission is granted. For the 2nd time in the same case, a single judge of the Ontario Superior Court has said permission should be granted for an appeal to be heard because there is good reason to believe the Judge of the Ontario Superior Court got it wrong.

As a result, for the second time, a judge of the specialized class proceedings branch of the Ontario Superior Court has found that this case should be certified as a class action and another judge of the Ontario Superior Court has said an appeal is required from that decision.

It’s a long journey uphill to seek protection for First Nations’ cultural identity.

We will let you know the date of the Appeal. We hope you will join us at the hearing so that the thousands affected by this case may be seen and heard.

Posted, with this note, is the March 11, 2014 decision of the Honourable Justice Wendy Matheson that grants Canada permission to appeal.