Update – July 2015

Our class action case management judge, Justice Belobaba, held a case conference on June 26, 2015 with the lawyers on both sides at the Court House in Toronto.

He directed that the trial of the common issues in this class action will be heard in June 2016. This will be the first Canadian case on the issues of cultural genocide and the Sixties Scoop.

After five years of procedural appeals by the federal Crown which had sought to strike out the claims by the survivors of the Sixties Scoop, a trial date has finally been set.

The Crown has advised the court that it is not interested in, and is not asking for any mediation, or any involvement of a Mediator, prior to trial.

The Crown has been asked and has agreed to determine if it has in its possession any listings of those Indian children who were subject to the federal /provincial funding agreement with Ontario for the care of Indian children. These were the children of the Sixties Scoop who were removed from their First Nations’ traditions, culture, language, and identity.

Formal notification to the class members is currently being prepared, and will be subject to mandatory court approval. That notification will be distributed as widely as possible, at Canada’s expense, and is intended to include advertising in various media, as well as direct notification to bands in Ontario. Notification is also proposed in the United States, where a significant number of Ontario children were adopted.

Stay posted as we will continue to post news as the case progresses.