The white privilege that Brown v Canada reveals

The CBC link below is about one of the lawyers representing Canada in the case. We are more inclined to see all of the lawyers and the judges as part of white privilege working to create the illusion of justice for all when the survivors of the Sixties Scoop are reminded time and time again that there is no fairness. Do you not remember when we were before the Ontario Divisional Court, as part of the appeals, and the Associate Chief Justice Cunningham asked our lawyer this question after the argument was completed:

What is the big deal about this case? You’re not complaining about sexual or physical abuse, so what is this about, really!

We wrote it down, what the Associate Chief Justice said. We wonder how Associate Chief Justice Cunningham would feel, if as a child, he was severed from his immediate family, his extended family, his community, his language, his religion, his customs, traditions and heritage, and his community was torn apart as some plan of assimilation, if not annihilation.

We are looking forward to the Court decision after 7 years of litigating with Owen Young and his colleagues, but we are not fooled by the tattoo adorned by the Prime Minister. No, we’re not anybody’s fools.

Read the full CBC article here:

– Ontario Sixties Scoop Steering Committee

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  1. At 11 years of age, I went to court with my mom and siblings and we were taken right after the court proceedings, from court to a foster home. We were all separated. That was most traumatic.

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