“Ho, ho, ho, it’s Santa Canada
I’m here to gollop up Indian kids
Ha ha ha, little ones born on the wrong side”


Attorney General and Minister of Justice Jody Wilson-Raybold, through her counsel, appears to assert that  when Canada entered into treaties with its First Nations peoples, those treaties had – and continue to have- nothing to do with the protection of indigenous cultures, religion, traditions, customs or language. As her lawyers argued in Court on December 2, 2016 – Courtroom #4 at Osgoode Hall, 130 Queen Street West, Toronto, Canada has no common law duty to protect its First Nations peoples’ unique cultural identity.

At least, Brown v Canada clarifies what we have suspected from the beginning of our nation to nation relationship. Go figure: a First Nations Minister of Justice and Attorney General is the bearer of the news.

If you have any doubt about our reporting what was said on December 2, 2016 by our Attorney General Wilson-Raybold, through her counsel, consider reading the excerpt, set out below, taken from the transcript of the November 17, 2016 cross-examination in Brown v Canada, the case about the alleged 16,000 survivors of an attempted cultural genocide. The person asking the questions is Owen Young, counsel for the Attorney General of Canada, the Defendant in the case. The person being questioned is Dr. Janet Armstrong, who prepared a report that the representative Plaintiff, Marcia Brown, filed as expert evidence.

Here is the excerpt (Also found at page 56 questions 187-189):

Q.    But I would suggest to

you that from the Crown’s perspective or the

Commissioners’s perspective at the time, the

ability to continue to support themselves, to have

the signatories support themselves through

hunting, trapping, fishing and gathering was

really largely an economic consideration?  That

is, they didn’t want to have the signatories

dependent on the public purse for support, they

wanted to ensure that they could continue to

support themselves from the land through their

traditional means?

A.    I believe there is more

to it.  I believe the Treaty Commissioners

understood the significance of that assurance to

the Aboriginal people.  They knew that that was

critical for the Aboriginal people.

Q.    Yes.  But in terms —

A.    It wasn’t just economic


Q.    But in terms of their own

purposes, we are talking a different perspective

here.  Their own purposes were largely economic,

isn’t that fair?  That’s, in fact, the treaty is

an economic treaty from the Crown’s perspective?

A.    I’d have to really think

about that.  I can’t say yes or no at the moment.

I think there is a lot more to it.  It’s not an

economic agreement.  It’s an agreement of

reliance, of peace and friendship, it’s part of a

long tradition of treaty making stemming from –

If you would like a copy of the entire transcript, click here.

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More than a tattoo, Honourable Prime Minister. How about coming clean with your agenda?

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  1. I was a part of the 60s scoop and taken from my family in 1971 and adopted to English descent parents. The govt gave them a booklet about my heritage. It was the wrong native band. This was in Greenville/prince Rupert on the north west coast. I see a class action being mentioned in Ontario on here. Is there anything going on about the rest of Canada?

  2. Yes I am one of those children found out my real last name met my brother through facebook .I have been waiting 3 1/2 years for status. We did dna same mom and dad. He has status lives on magnetawan reserve. Sixties scoop supreme court Toronto Osgood hall. My email is My real last name is Noganosh they waged war with children how shameful what did they get 30 shekels.

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