Important Update on Our Case and October 11th


Right now, confidential discussions are taking place to attempt a Canada-wide settlement of the 60s Scoop. Chief Marcia Martel (Brown) believes these discussions may result in a resolution aligned with her vision, and the hopes of many survivors she has consulted within her community. She believes there is the strong potential, through these discussions, for achieving justice for all those who experienced harm. 

As a result, she has instructed her counsel to participate in these discussions with lawyers from different parts of Canada and Justice Michel Shore (the Federal Court designated mediator). In light of these discussions, Marcia has directed an adjournment of the October 11th compensation hearing in Toronto.

What Does This Mean?

The most important thing to understand is that even if there is no settlement, the Court will determine compensation payable to survivors. Justice Belobaba’s February 14, 2017 ruling assures this.

If, at any time, Marcia believes progress on settlement discussions is not being made in a satisfactory way, the compensation hearing before Justice Belobaba will immediately be rescheduled.

What is Being Discussed?

 These discussions, like all settlement discussions, are confidential. Marcia and her counsel, along with other clients and their counsel from other parts of Canada, are the only people party to the discussion with the Federal government, mediated by Justice Shore.

 What we can say is that Marcia would not be at the table if key elements of her vision were not part of the discussion.

When will we know more?

 While we don’t have a timeline we can share right now, we can say that Marcia—like all of us—is committed to a reasonably swift resolution. We want to take the time to get it right. But, as you all know, this case has dragged on for close to a decade, and seeing it resolved in a timely manner is what everyone wants.”