Claimant Form – For Mailing

If you wish, you can download the Claimant Form, fill it in, and mail it to:

Sixities Scoop Class Action Administration

Wilson Christen LLP
137 Church Street
Toronto, Ontario
M5B 1Y4

Please note that you need to send the claimant form to us only ONCE , either electronically or by mail, not both.

Claimant Form – Word File

Claimant Form – PDF

10 thoughts on “Claimant Form – For Mailing”

  1. Hello, my name is Paul Kohoko

    I am a status Indian of the Algonquins of Piwakanagan, I was given up for adoption since birth
    which is 1971/ 09/ 22 in the Province of Ontario. I was adopted threw the Catholic Children’s Aid Society of Metropolitan Toronto to Mr and Mrs. Carl Verner Christensen. My birth Mother is Gertrude Irene Sarazin ( Kohoko ) and my Father’s birth name is Gordon Kohoko

    I will also send you mail several forms regarding my adoption, proving this.

  2. I am also sure i have filled out a claimant form, long time ago and now i dont know how to find it on site, to update my information. Where can i find out?

  3. I am a registered claimant. I was also in Toronto for the three panel judge court session. The 60’s scoop claim form is not working properly. I would like to update my file and see where it stands. I have called and left voice mail. Miigwetch.

  4. look i have 3 children that were taken by the scoop and i don;t know where to begin to get my 3 applications for these 3 children who were the severest of abused for 10 years;it was around 1975 of the scoop’and the abuse they;ve had they;ll never servive a life[and i have noone to begin me to start making claims for these 3 children;don;t kbow where to find lawyers handling thgese scoops;my children each would ,lose out of $85;000 each’i;ve tried for several days now on co mputor; here;to get to lawyers to deal with this before that it;s to late to apply’so here is my phone number the mother of these 3 children scooped;please help mo to start’437 998 2261 email sandra hope that;s registrared with google[face book it;s shummolo@gm,

  5. My name is John Craig Armstrong, I was taken from my mom in 1965, im from Ontario and would like to be added to this list.

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