Claimant Form – For Mailing

If you wish, you can download the Claimant Form, fill it in, and mail it to:

Sixities Scoop Class Action Administration

Wilson Christen LLP
137 Church Street
Toronto, Ontario
M5B 1Y4

Please note that you need to send the claimant form to us only ONCE , either electronically or by mail, not both.

Claimant Form – Word File

Claimant Form – PDF

10 thoughts on “Claimant Form – For Mailing”

  1. Hello, my name is Paul Kohoko

    I am a status Indian of the Algonquins of Piwakanagan, I was given up for adoption since birth
    which is 1971/ 09/ 22 in the Province of Ontario. I was adopted threw the Catholic Children’s Aid Society of Metropolitan Toronto to Mr and Mrs. Carl Verner Christensen. My birth Mother is Gertrude Irene Sarazin ( Kohoko ) and my Father’s birth name is Gordon Kohoko

    I will also send you mail several forms regarding my adoption, proving this.

  2. I’m sure I have filled out a claim.ent form .. can you please confirm that for me please .. miigwetch

  3. Hello my name is Marcel Jake Littlewolf from Onionlake Sask. Was was wondering if there are forms for Sask 60s babies?

  4. I am also sure i have filled out a claimant form, long time ago and now i dont know how to find it on site, to update my information. Where can i find out?

  5. I am a registered claimant. I was also in Toronto for the three panel judge court session. The 60’s scoop claim form is not working properly. I would like to update my file and see where it stands. I have called and left voice mail. Miigwetch.

  6. look i have 3 children that were taken by the scoop and i don;t know where to begin to get my 3 applications for these 3 children who were the severest of abused for 10 years;it was around 1975 of the scoop’and the abuse they;ve had they;ll never servive a life[and i have noone to begin me to start making claims for these 3 children;don;t kbow where to find lawyers handling thgese scoops;my children each would ,lose out of $85;000 each’i;ve tried for several days now on co mputor; here;to get to lawyers to deal with this before that it;s to late to apply’so here is my phone number the mother of these 3 children scooped;please help mo to start’437 998 2261 email sandra hope that;s registrared with google[face book it;s shummolo@gm,

  7. My name is John Craig Armstrong, I was taken from my mom in 1965, im from Ontario and would like to be added to this list.

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