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  1. I am trying to assist my mother, Colleen Nahdee, who went through hell after CAS scooped her n dumped her with white people. Please what is the first step she needs to do.

  2. I filled out the claimant form. Do we get a confirmation that you have received it?
    thank you.

  3. I have 5 siblings and 2 are passed may the creator watch over them
    but there is my sister and younger brother left
    and one deceased brother was taken and not given back and then
    passed and then was creamated who gave them permission to do that
    they knew he was from my hometown and my poor mother has been and still waits for the body of young brother to be returned.

  4. I was born July 13,1971 in Red Lake ON. I am still fighting for my status card of which all of my birth siblings, cousins, Aunts, Uncles and Mother have. My father is deceased but his still living sister and brother (my Aunts and Ujncles by Birth) HAve theirs. I was adopted into a white family in Markham Ontario, I am in the middle of yet another application for my status of which I have given supporting documentation for to prove my lineage. I do not know if I qualify, but I think from your requirements I do. If so where do I register?

  5. I was taken early in the year of 1970. I have been battling with Indian Affairs over my Status Card since 1996, I have submitted all of the required documents, including signed avidavits from my biological Mother and Father (my Father has recently passed, January 2011), both Status card holders. I have been denied for over 15 years. I am attempting to speak to my local Member of Parliament Gerg Rickford, and bring all of my documents. Indian Affairs wants me to fill out ANOTHER application form, with a new application date. I am refusing to resubmit. As my initial application had full supporting documentation. My pile of paperwork and communication with DIAND and my local Tribal Council (Bimose) I will not let the government continually tell me that I am not Full Status. I will continue the fight for justice, I hope that all of us in this ‘boat’ stick to our guns, and not back down from the Canadian government.

  6. I am an a Cree Indian from Alberta who was first placed in a Residential Scvhool , then a white foster home till I was 18 years old . thus sufferring numerous severe abuses of all sorts.

  7. Good for you…Keep up the battle. I was in a similar situation whereas the gov kept telling me my information was conflicting and they requiring me to keep submitting more info. My family of eight siblings won our case after three years of trying to set the record straight with them. They finally got the picture. continue to be persistant !! Don Salter

  8. I,m very concerned about whether my claim will be accepted because I was taken from my Birth Mother, Grand-parents & family in 1955. My adoption went through in 1956 into a Non-Native Christian home that was extremely disfunctional & abusive. I have through my own search found my Birth mother. I tried through Goverment agencies to find her but nothing really came out of it. The brief information I received contradicts a lot of information my Mother has told me. The one fact I know for sure is that NOBODY had the RIGHT to take me away from my Family, away from my culture, from who I was…Anishinabe!!! I strongly hope & Pray that I do qualify & be a part of this Historical Movement to bring this TRUTH out for ALL to hear & see.

  9. My name is Patricia Watts. I was taken from my mother & family in 1955 && was adopted in 1956. I,m interested in knowing if I qualify for this lawsuit? I did register & hopefully did it correctly. I would like to hear back from someone on this matter. My e-mail is : patriciawatts48@yahoo.ca. Hope to hear back soon with some positive feedback.

  10. Do you have a link to the facebook page. I keep seeing a facebook page asking for registrations, however, there is no indication of who is asking for this information. I am suspect of this page because of the fraud and stuff that went on with the Residential School settlements. Thank you.

  11. I was under the ward of Children’s Aid Society from birth to 18 year of age I was physically beaten my ribs were broken I was in and out of hospital I suffered I was tortured I ran to sniffing, drugs and alcohol abuse. And to this day I still suffer the pain and agony what do I do 18 years of abuse

  12. If anyone reading this blog is a victim-survivor of Canada Scoops not kept within Canada after being scooped, but who was instead placed in USA (or west Europe), please refer to blog: USA Placed Victims-Survivors of Canadian Scoops (as well as this blog) for additional information.

    Though victims of Canada/60’s Scoops who were kept within Canada face – as I am reading comments – many of same challenges that those who were placed in USA face, at some point the challenges and remedies become different. The blog: USA Placed Victims-Survivors of Canadian Scoops, provides details as to how 1st USA Placed Victim-Survivor of Canadian Scoops was able to achieve his North American Indian Status Cards, recognition of TRC-Canada, and his USA Citizenship. That blog is also serving as an on-line meeting point for victims to gather in preparation for potential class action suit.

  13. Hey Nicole, I too was born in Red Lake Ontario.
    I was a little lucky in that i was 5, and knew my name. I had all the ‘papers’ about my adoption, even the one that gave the impression that if the family was unsatisfied, they could return me for another. 6 month trial period i believe it was called.
    I knew my natural mom’s name, had 2 younger siblings, i was the eldest of the three of us, that she (i don’t hate her for this) was an alcoholic. (seems i was conceived on new years). My father is listed as ‘unknown’, the social worker’s name and the judge’s name from the papers.
    Wrote a long letter with all these things in piont form and told them i needed my status card, please and thank you. Took about 6months before I got the letter that supported my claim.
    I send you my best wishes in getting your card.

  14. Hello, my name is Jessica E Johnson, I was born Marlene Jessie Johnson. My mother’s name was Mary Johnson. I was born and n Red Lake Ontario on October 6, 1963. I was the eldest of three when we were ‘removed’ in 1965. We were split up and I was adopted in 1968 out of Hudson, Ontario. My foster family were Polish and were wonderful people. I lived in St. Catherines for a few years, then Toronto before moving with the family out west to BC. I was half way thru grade six at the time. Never did my mom ever tell me I wasn’t adopted. She was willing to support my search for my native roots, and I feel blessed that she did support me.
    During this time, when I was adopted, my name changed. Then in grade ten, I changed it again as I struggled to identify who I was. Then i got married and it changed again. Divorced and I decided to honor my birth surname.
    I have been told that I needed to hire a lawyer to ‘open’ my adoption file.
    I am now a card carrying member of the Lac Seul first nation, but lack any real connection to then. No real emotional connection that most people would expect.
    I’m termed a “dropped apple”, by an elder in the location I currently live in. Red on the outside and white on the inside. That is the description of that derogatory phrase. Since then, the only native connections i have are the ones I’ve made with the bands here. I live in their territory, and it’s beem suggested I change bands to here. I’m getting closer to that decision, but really really really would love to know ANY family history. Names of cousins aunts uncles siblings maybe even my grand parents if they still live.
    Sadly any attempt to get information falls on deaf ears.

    I registered for this and got a response from the BC lawfirm stating that there is NO record of me living in BC until after 1996. I’ve only lived here since 1975. I was like, “what? “. My mom has been wonderfully supportive as i grew up about all this, and continues to this day.

    My natural mother, I just want you to know, I don’t hate you. I don’t blame you either. I just want to touch base with the missing half of my life.

  15. been trying my issue in this matter, I have to get my uncle to tell his story before he goes on and my white mother will written story of what c.a.s told her so evidence is here until they keep postponing it. I like to see Justice serviced came back remember last seeing my mom alive and was toltally literate where the govt / medical staff made her sign in syllabic and we were taken away..dad I taked to him and he told me the whole thing and saw both of them 1 month before their passing.

  16. Steve Maher
    I was adopted in the seventies and my parents were in those indian residential schools. I am very angry and want to fight back. Can you help me deal with this crime against humanity lawfully.

  17. Hi Nicole,

    Have you been approved yet for your North American Indian Status Card?

    It’s a difficult process because the North American Indian Status cards are in fact and especially these days so valuable; historically I realize that they were used as a means by which to act negatively-prejudicially against the card holders whereas now they provide privileges, i.e., everyone who qualifies wants their card.

    I worked for Taber Gregory, 1st USA Placed Victim-Survivor of Canada Scoops to get his North American Indian Status card, as well as his blood quantum letters in his legal name.
    His application was complicated by his having been brought into USA illegally – his ‘adoption’ never approved by a USA Court, his USA adoptive parents thought they had done necessary paperwork but attorney in USA that handled it never filed the paperwork, so at same time he was applying to legalize his USA Citizenship after having been here in USA for decades illegally and thus needed that card to describe how and why he was in USA illegally for so long he was told by US government not to leave USA while in order to get the card INAC required he apply for the card in person.

    we eventually found a way around that requirement.

    it’s a tricky process, let me know how you were able to finally get your own application approved. Also, let us know why you wanted your card?

  18. Hi My name is Lyn Hall and I am from the Beaverhouse First Nation in Ontario. I was also scooped off the reservation when I was a little girl as was my younger sister. My older sister, Nancy, was taken off and shipped down to Toronto and she was locked in this Reform School. I hope you can help me so I can help her. This would be such good news for her! My younger sister is Marcia Martel Brown –Chief of Beaverhouse FN in Kirkland Lake, Ontario. She does not want anything to do with me so I am doing this for me and Nancy. Thank you, in advance! I look forward to hearing from someone in your organization! Lyn Hall (nee Mathias)

  19. My brother and I were taken in 1971,we were removed from Kettle Point and placed at separate home’s in Sarnia. I was not allowed to attend the same school as him. There was one other first nation student there, but I did not know him.pat smith was the Indian agent that told us we had to go.my brother was put with a Christan family, and ran after 6 weeks. I feared the Indian agent so I stayed. I was moved 3 times, living with white people that the government paid for me to live with. All I wanted was home.I hated being away, I lost every thing, family, culture, our relationship with our mother was never the same.

  20. My late husbands mother attended the Spanish Indian residential since she was 4 years old. When she became a mother she fled her husband because violence toward her. Her children my husband being the oldest were placed in a white foster home. I am his executive administrator to his estate. Can I apply on his behalf for his children. I will await you reply. Miigwech

  21. The C.A.S flew in and flew off the reserve with me in their arms at 9 yrs old, Mom took me back from the C.A.S and she then put me into a God-dam Mental Hospital in Orillia,Ont. 1966,Nov. and Left me their without one visit in 9 yrs, Nice Mother u say.

  22. Hi Nicole, I read your letter. I am so sorry to read that the social workers claim you were placed in foster home because your mother was an alcoholic. Just maybe your mother did drink and they used that against her. Since you and your siblings were young the social workers can place you easily and make lots of money of the transaction, so to speak. Maybe I am wrong but I think your mother had turned to drinking during the battle of fighting for custody of you. It is sad to think how many more children and parents had been brainwashed into thinking it was in the best interest to place our children not thinking how this would effect all the people involved. These children believe they were abused and have hurtful feeling of why their parents failed them and lost custody and forced them to be raised with strangers. The parents loose children, their family, and most times the main reason to live. I just pray someday these children would all find the truth and find their true family and find the love that they once had.
    You may have hurtful feeling toward your mother but remember she did all she could when she tried to fight a system that was and still is a very powerful and have the court system behind them.
    Remember just because it is in the court papers, that does not make it true. They use any excuse to take our children, they mess up the parents minds, then years later, they point their fingers at us and claim that we were always this way. They see what they want. I bet your mother hurts every day without you and your siblings I her life. Try to forget what you were told about her and try to get to know her for who she is and not what she did. We can not change the past but we can change the future. I will pray for you and your family, maybe you can reunite and build a new relationship stronger than ever.

  23. need someone to speak to to on this issue regarding myself and three other sibling and how to apply

  24. My name is Robert Kasparek. I was adopted out of Canada, Ontario specifically in 1970. I was in custody of The Catholic Children’s Aid Society in 1969. My parents were both Native. My father was Mohawk from Attending Territory, my mother was Metis from Manitoba? I know their names.
    I am interested in finding out about being added to the Class Action Lawsuit. Has it progressed through the courts yet? What is the status? Can someone direct me to the proper person to talk to?

  25. which BC law firm did you go to?

    Even Wayne Snellgrove of Florida, USA and who is said to be class action representative of the class action lawsuit filed on behalf of victims of Canada Scoops placed in USA has a hard time gtg updates; what’s more, 1 law firm told courts and media that Wayne Snellgrove is the only ‘confirmed victim of Canada Scoops Placed in USA’ when he is not confirmed victim at all, i.e., THE ONLY victim of Canada Scoops placed in USA is Taber Gregory, Connecticut, USA. Mr. Gregory is the only victim of Canada Scoops Placed in USA, a.k.a. USA Placed Victim-Survivor of Canada Scoops Placed in USA recognized by TRC-Canada and based on that TRC-Canada recognition also recognized by USCIS (United States Citizenship & Immigration Services)

  26. Hi Robert,

    For additional insight, I suggest reaching out to Wayne Snellgrove, Miami, Florida.

    Wayne was positioned by Merchant Law Group – if I’ve been correctly informed – as class action representative of a USA Placed Victims-Survivors of Canada Scoops class action.

    Merchant Law Group, however, has seemed to stall out on furthering that class action suit in part because they knowingly misrepresented Mr. Snellgrove as being the only ‘recognized’ Victim of Canada Scoops placed in USA when 1. Wayne is not at all a legally recognized victim of Canada Scoops, i.e., he is not recognized a victim by USA government (USCIS), nor by the Canada governments, nor by the Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC), WHEREAS

    Only Taber Gregory of Wilton, Connecticut is recognized victim of Canada Scoops placed in USA, i.e., he is recognized by both INAC, TRC-Canadda AND, based on the TRC-Canada recognition also by USCIS.

  27. For additional insight I recommend 1. contacting Wayne Snellgrove of Miami, Florida, USA (Wayne has his own website, google him) and 2. Referring to blog ‘USA Placed Victims-Survivors of Canada Scoops’, Because

    Though Wayne was named class action representative of civil class action suit filed by Merchant Law Group on behalf of all USA Placed Victims-Survivors of Canada Scoops/60’s Scoops, IN PART BECAUSE

    Merchant Law Group knowingly, incorrectly described Wayne as being The Only ‘Recognized’/’Certified Victim of Canada Scoops Placed in USA that suit has stalled out, i.e., Wayne is not only Not the only recognized victim of Canada Scoops Placed in USA, Wayne is not at all recognized-certified a USA Placed Victim-Survivor of Canada Scoops, More

    Only Taber Gregory, Taber Meier, Henry Desjarlais (same person) of Wilton, Connecticut, USA is. Taber Gregory has been recognized by Truth & Reconciliation Commission – Canada, Indian and Northern Affairs Canada And with those recognitions also then by USCIS.

  28. I would like to know if i am eligible to apply… my mother was born in the 62 and placed in various fosterhomes along with her brothers and sisters. She had me in ’78 while she was in foster-care… i was said to have been born into the ward of CAS…?

  29. I have been upset that our grand chief does not stand up for Aboriginals like he did for the children of the school system that left families devastated the sixties scoop of which I am a part of tore my family apart and I never got to see my dad or my mother again and there has been a part of my life forever gone they both died leaving me and my sister who also got taken away Mary is her name and she saw many years of abuse at the hands of my step[ mother ] Shirley and she never ever made an apology she booted me out when I was sixteen and with no money or home to go to and people just abandoned me she even collected three more years of government money witch she was not Entitled to for both me and my sister mary so for the grand chief only stand for the part of life that only included the first nations of the mission schools when this stage of our lives are ruined because of that era would be wrong in the eyes of my great grand father Albert Boucher who owned Canada from NWT Alberta BC and saskatchewan and Manitoba to not stand for the sixtys scoop would be and out cry its the same thing basically as what happened to the indigenous people who were torn from there families and placed in border schools only difference is I was beaten every day for eleven years tortured and sexually abused from the age of five until sixteen I feel violated by what the government did back then and am disgraced that the federal government would no take responisibility our grand chief should be there fighting like he did so that me ad the sixties scoop survivers can have a better way of life its about uniting our lost lives and better understanding why this happened.

  30. life for me was rough my step mother beat me five times a day and the government only thought i was crazy because i was scared of my mother and was gay when i was five i was being beaten and molested no one new because in the sixties in 69 i was just five years old and did not know how to respond to this kind of treatment was it ever wrong for the government to split us up because my real mother and father would have taught me dene and would have been able to show me how to survive off the land all i was taught was how to stay scared and how to suck dick it was such a bad night mare for me they moved us out and since those days im still alone broke most of the time struggle with my demons and have noghtmares about the molestations that happened to me on a daily until i was sixteen at witch time i ended up in jails and mental institutions for the assults and sexual assults i suffered i do seehow it was an injustise and a dark chapter in my and thousands others to have been scooped when will the government apologise to a policy maker and his displaced first nations could not have turned out better if no one ever hit me raped me or punished me today the punishment continues i was born Canadian never got any monies from the residential schools but they used my policies to get that money now its time to help us with the law suit stand up for us represent children and give us something for this dark chapter in my life and millions others .

  31. It seems like i have never had a home because my step parents never taught that kind of thing and it was because of the beatings and rapes and the lack of education that because of that treatment i was scared never went to jail for rape or molestation but when i was five years old until i was sixteen it happened to me on a daily basis and it contributed to my negative behavior and mistrust of people at that age that i can say it was a major factor to why i ended up in prison but now i work full time working on my awareness and self esteem the monies from this law suit would finally give me some peace of mind that i could trust the government for doing the right thing and awarding us law suit and its monies would make me a believer of the system thanks for verything the team has dome thus far god bless you all on christmas time

  32. I find it frustrating that I was part of a government and that I was so abused by the parent that I can not function and have been in and out of jails because of those beatings and to think that the grand chief does not stand up for us and the justice minister who is native do not stand up for us in our time of need its not right and for his honor who I voted pierre Elliot trudeaus son Justin to think that he has helped people of an older generation attain monies yet when a younger generation needs his hand he just wants to hear nothing more his dad pierre would have done everything in his power to help our cause and the grand chief sure was there for his age group yet because we always get the shaft we lose out what ever we apply for why is this such a lack of compassion for me and others yet when we want to heal we get nothing and the whole school system and the healing is for his people not us the sixties scoop is just another table cloth to sweep us crumbs under

  33. My name is Robert Kasparek and I was placed with an American family through the Catholic Children’s Aid Society of Metropolitan Toronto in 1970. I was in their care in 1969. While I may have been placed in 1970, I have sufficient evidence to support the fact that both my parents were Aboriginal and from Canada. I grew up with no knowledge of their ancestry. When I returned to Canada in 1989 at the age of 22, I found out through non identifying information (adoption files) that my biological parents were both of Aboriginal ancestry. At that time the files were closed to adoptees, so the specifics were not forthcoming. I am only recently aware of those due to recent changes in the laws pertaining to adopted persons in Canada.
    Though my parents were not living on a Reservation in Canada I know that my father was a registered Indian of Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory in Deseronto, Ontario; The Bay of Quinte specifically.
    I have been told that the 60’s scoop lawsuit only pertains to “on reserve” adopted aboriginals. Does anyone know if this is actually true and if not who can I contact for clarification? If anyone knows what law firm I can contact or a lawyer I can contact I would be grateful for any information. Mr email address is orion4phoenix@gmail.com and my cell number is 475-689-7804.
    Nia:wengowah. Aho!

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