“Sixties Scoop Survivors’ Day in Court Finally Arrives Tuesday” – Jacques Gallant

Marcia Brown speaks on CBC Metro Morning

“Ottawa continuing to fight Ontario lawsuit over Sixties Scoop: lawyer” – Kathryn Blaze Baum

“Dear Prime Minister: Right the wrong of the ‘Sixties Scoop’” – Toronto Star

“Indigenous leaders call on Justin Trudeau for redress on Sixties Scoop” – Susana Mas

APTN Infocus – “Perspectives on Child Welfare”

Perspectives on Childwelfare

Magazine and Newspaper Articles

“Nation of Lost Souls” – Linda Diebel

“Aboriginal Kids Form Legal Class” – Maurice Switzer

“Legal Options for ‘Sixties Scoop’ Kids” by Barbara Burton

“Stolen Nation” by Tom Lyons

“Strategy Will Ease Family Reunification” by Joan Black

“Court gives go-ahead to lawsuit over Natives’ forced adoptions in Sixties Scoop” by Diana Mehta

“60s Scoop class action isn’t a matter for the courts: government lawyers”

“Confronting the Sixties Scoop” by Anne Bokma

“First Nations seek closure for Sixties Scoop by class-action suit” by Gloria Galloway


2 Responses to Media

  1. Glenda Myran says:

    Good day. Is there any type of lawsuit like this one that was filed in Manitoba?

  2. Holly says:

    Is there any type of lawsuit for Saskatchewan?

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