Similar Actions in Other Provinces

British Columbia

Law firm: Klein Lyons LLP


Contact: Deborah Wong, telephone: 604 874 7171   email:


Saskatchewan, Alberta and Manitoba

Law firm: Merchant Law Group


Contact: 306 359 7777

10 Responses to Similar Actions in Other Provinces

  1. Frank A Ermineskin says:

    Canada is trying to deflect and stall the whole process for the Federal Government is WHO orchestrated this Genocide and continues to put Indian children in Immigrant foster homes. The Indian Children are still being robbed of Language and Culture. Immigrants are paying off their Mortgages using these foster children as assets to pay off their homes . IF this is NOT CRIMMINAL , then what is.

    • sharon says:

      I totally agree with you, a major portion of these foster families are Filipino or Asian descent. I worked in the field of advocating families who are involved with Child Welfare & heard it time & time again that our children are being fed foreign foods & to attend foreign religious groups. Policy states in the Enhancement Act that Aboriginal children must have be exposed to their Aboriginal culture while in care. THAT’S POLICY! & caseworkers do everything in their power to say the foster families are doing just that! I think the Aboriginal people should make their own policies stemming back from the natural ways of law & propose the federal or provincial government to impose our policies. We need more Aboriginal foster homes but the application process is so long & intrusive about events that happened 20-30 years back. It’s a shameful system but the only way we can keep our children out of care is to heal our families & let the families parent the traditional ways. I could go on & on…we need changes!!

      • I feel that not only should the residential school be closed but the foster homes the government had let happen. There are many of our children who are being torn from their family to be forced to be raised with strangers. These children are most times placed in foster homes that are far from their home town. All ties to their family are cut and these children are brain washed into believing that there are place to protect them. Family and Social Services social workers won custody of my children because they claim that they had more money than I did so they could provide a better life for my children than I could since I was just on social assistance. My children are grown up now. They do not want to know me since they think I was bad for them and they ae better off without me in their lives. I was a good mother to my children. I know I was not a perfect mother but not that bad that I deserved to loose my children. The foster home was not that great, my youngest son had turned to drugs and had spent many night on the streets while at this supposedly perfect foster home. My 2 youngest daughter already dating at a young age, one is already married at age 21. Legal age to get married but still to young for me. I believe the 2 of them already had children, but I am not sure. These foster homes even had bugged the social workers to find children to care for. They claim they ha taken the foster home course so they think they should had been given children to make money which was over $800 per month per child. They had made almost $5000 per month to care for my 6 children. These social workers took my children claiming it was the best interest. That messed my life up and after all these years without my children in my life, even though they are on facebook, I can not seem to say the right thing to say to my children, it seem that they were brainwashed and there is nothing I could say or do that could erase what they were told throughout the years. I sure need someone out there that I can talk to that is going trough the same thing as me.
        I am Cree Indian and my children are too but I can not prove it because the reserve does not there anymore. I love to met anyone that came from TePabo, Quebec. I need and love to know my culture.

    • BB says:

      The parliament of canada are employees of the treasury board. The treasury board is one of the many holding of the Privy Council Office. The Privy Council Office is a branch of the Lord Privy Seal. The Lord Privy Seal, alias; HER MAJESTY QUEEN ELIZABETH THE SECOND c. o. b. currently as “Tina Stowell”. Tina Stowell takes her orders from the Vatican curia. Every wonder who is really behind the genocide? ALL poly tick ians who have “P. C.” after their name are Privy Councillors.

      Now you know why the Rez schools were invented and controlled by the Vatican.

      The way the parliament gets away with being a front for the PCO is through the scam of “democracy”. When one votes they agree to the Parliament with their vote thus have to shut up until the next election when they can vote again.

  2. Chris D.Lindgren says:

    Hi,I would like to know what other group is handling the 60’s scoop other then Merchant law group I was told they were under investigation from the residential Law suits! And it looks like they are involved with Alberta,Sask,and Manitoba! 60″s scoop.Can Anyone inform me!

    • paul says:

      as me too as i have been having a hard time with this and who do i turn to , , i have phone around and have been getting nothing, but the run around , plz let me know

  3. Joseph W A says:

    I am also a victim of the 60’s scoop, but in my case I was adopted to the north with Inuit and living among the Inuit is worst than living with anyone else? The Inuit and Dene were known as sworn enemy’s. I contacted two lawyers, one from BC and the other from Ontario but I was told they could not help me because I was not from their province? I felt ignored and hurt, because I was a government experiment and I have other Dene living in the north among Inuit and each one is struggling because of the racist behavior toward the Dene by the Inuit. Most of us have never completed our education because most of us guys were taken out of school to hunt for them, to help the family provide country food, but today that has completely changed because time has changed and the cost has gone sky rocket and the fur market crashed did not help them. I still live with racism. I wish I was never been adopted from where I was suppose to be born as, and that is a Dene and I know I was a experiment because I would go with my step mother to the social services and they would ask question. I was always beaten up for being different and If I can I would like to live the rest of my life with my people. I am now 48 years old and would really love to go home to Fort Simpson NWT. I have emailed two lawyers from NWT, but as of today I never received a reply? I also know some of those adopted north committed suicide because of the problems that they faced, life is up hill everyday and even if you speak their language and know the culture inside out, you are never good enough to be a Inuk, only a Inuk want to be. I was maybe twp years old when I was adopted and apparently I looked like I was neglected when I came north because of my conditions! I need help, is there anyone In Canada who can help us? I am just about giving up on everything and just on a string!!!! I would love to learn my mother tongue and live the rest of my life with the Dene and hunt the way the do, but I cant do it because I am broke.

    • Frank A Ermineskin says:

      Federal governments past and present are responsible for every abuse we have faced since they took control. Residential schools
      are only a small part of the genocidal ways that still exist.A lawyer should be a right for you and anyone else.

    • I agree with you being a government experience. They also take our children to control the people as well. But God put you where you need to be for now. God will give you the tools to work with just have faith. Have you tied to find your family on facebook. I found my children online. I just pray it all goes good for you because it did not go good for me. My children were brainwashed into thinking they were abused and neglected and they are better off not even knowing me and now they do not want to get to know me after all the time we had be apart. Just maybe your birth family would gather up the money needed to have you returned to you family were you should be.
      I wish I were there to help those children caught in the foster home system who had lost hope in life to give them hope for the future. It will be different and a whole lot better once we all join forces and work together to get our freedom back. I like to know why the government would pay strangers a lot of money to care for our children when most times our children were just fine with their own family.
      These foster homes were started by the people who ran the BUTTERBOX BABIES in Nova Scotia. The government closed them down but they branch off so instead of taking unwed mothers and taking their unwanted children and selling them on the black market, they go into our home and claimed that it is the best interest of our children to be placed n foster homes, they bring us to court and always win cause they have the court system behind them. I want to fight the system because our children should be raised by their family not strangers. Putting our children in foster homes should not be a way to make job for people where there is lack of work and jobs to go around making the unemployment rate high as well as the social assistance. It sad to think they take our children to make jobs for these people who most times are actually abusing our children and neglecting them, but because they live in a nice home and look good, a lot of abuse is going unnoticed even by our children themselves.
      Maybe if more parents would stand together when the system want to steal our children, they would have a harder time to take our children. Just maybe we could make a stronger country one family at a time. Not by stealing our children but by helping the family keep their children in their home. That would be making stronger families. Stronger families will make a stronger country, if we only stand together.

    • Jadeine says:

      Hi Joseph,

      My husband was also adopted out from Fort Simpson. He was originally from the Liidlii Kue First Nation Band. He was adopted to a white family and we now live in BC. I would love to swap info if your up to it.

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