It’s Your Right to Know the Facts.

  • Ontario Superior Court Judge denies consent motion for approval in Brown v Canada in reasons for decision of June 20, 2018

Marcia Brown v. The Attorney General of Canada June 20, 2018

  • Federal Court Judge approves federal court actions in reasons for decision of June 21, 2018

T-2212-16 2018 FC 641 Reasons and Order

  • There is no settlement without both Courts approving.

National settlement is terminated.

  • Brown v Canada is proceeding with scheduling a date for a hearing on damages, previously scheduled for October 11, 2017, but for the hope and dedication to, a national Canada-wide settlement.

Survivors: your case for damages will be heard. We will advise as to the date for the damages hearing.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for below or have additional questions, please connect with Collectiva – the official source of information for the National Settlement. Their help is free! Phone: 1-844-287-4270, email:, website:

Open Letter on the Ontario Sixties Scoop Class Action Settlement

Dear Community Members,

The fight for justice has been a long one. We launched the class action lawsuit for Ontario Sixties Scoop survivors in 2009, but we have been fighting for justice for much longer than that.

We know there is misinformation and false speculation about the proposed national Sixties Scoop settlement. We are addressing this issue to ensure that everyone has the correct information.

What this settlement gives us, in addition to money, is a healing foundation.

This foundation will be run by an Indigenous Board and Indigenous Executive Director. Its goal is to help families become whole again and to prevent any child, in the future, from going through what we went through. True wealth is the freedom from oppression. This is for our children and our grandchildren, and they need it and deserve it.

People also want to know who was consulted about this agreement. As the lead claimant in the only certified Sixties Scoop case in the country, I have listened to thousands of survivors. This is a journey we have taken together. We have learned from each other and supported each other. All of these stories I carried with me into the negotiations with Canada. The other representative plaintiffs carried with them their stories and their communities’ stories as well. We all stood behind Minister Bennett together when the settlement was announced.

With your stories in our hearts – we fought. Because of our stories in our hearts, we won. We could not have done it with out you.

I know this journey has been hard. We have the opportunity to move forward with this settlement, which includes a healing foundation. It is our foundation.

We want to ensure that all your questions are answered with facts. Please visit to find correct information.

Thank you, Tcimigwitc,

Marcia Brown Martel
Lead Claimant, Ontario Sixties Scoop Lawsuit