September 1, 2016 – Update on Case

“Ati kapi ci wepik”

“We will never let this happen again.”

That is what our lawyer said to the Honourable Justice Belobaba on August 23, 2016 in the Superior Court of Justice in Toronto. The Court was packed with people and our Honourable Chiefs and Elders sat at the front of the Court Room in the area reserved for a jury.

We are back on December 1st,  in Toronto again, when Canada (whose Minister of Indigenous Affairs and Northern Development, the Honourable Carolyn Bennett says Canada wants to settle) will make arguments against our case, and her lawyers will try to persuade the Judge that Canada did nothing that is a legal wrong.  We suppose this why at Court, when our lawyer said, that as a Canadian, he apologized for our harm and hurt, Canada’s lawyer said not a word, did not follow him with an apology.

We will continue to walk as long as it takes, however many Ministers and governments over the last 50 years.

If you would like to receive a copy of the oral argument our legal counsel made to the Honourable Justice Belobaba of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice in Toronto on August 23, 2016, email us a request.

If you would like to receive a copy of the written argument our legal counsel gave on our behalf to the Honourable Justice Belobaba of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice to read before the hearing, send us an email. It is called the Plaintiff’s Factum.

If you want to watch what our counsel said on August 23, 2016, we can ask the Court for permission to send a recording to you. If you do, let us know, by sending us an email, and including the reason for the request, such as for educational or healing purposes or for maintaining an oral tradition of the event. With the permission of the Court, we will send a recording to you electronically for viewing on a media screen.

Author: Sixties Scoop Lawsuit

The purpose of this site is to notify individuals directly or indirectly affected by the Sixties Scoop that they may register and possibly join in the class action lawsuit that is effectively proceeding against the Canadian Government. (October 2010) Please bookmark this site for further updates and registration information. Thank you.

3 thoughts on “September 1, 2016 – Update on Case”

  1. This was not a legal way to assimilate us First Nations! Before the “discovery” of Canada, we lived here. Our lives have been turned upside down every since our ways were acknowleged as savage! We were never treated fairly and always looked down on! We were treated like livestock and then taken from our natural parents and made to feel dirty for not being European! You’re darn rights I am proud of those who ate stepping to the plate on this matter! God bless you all and may this be resolved quickly and peacefuly.

  2. Hi Clayton,

    You aren’t entirely wrong, but you forgot to acknowledge that the federal governments of Canada and USA couldn’t have done this without the complicity of the elites of the Canada Tribes, i.e., they sold themselves out; in regard to USA Placed Victims-Survivors of Canada Scoops, the only victim of Canada Scoops Placed in USA that has been recognized by governments of Canada AND USA as well as by Indian and Northern Affairs Canada, Taber Gregory/Taber Meier/Henry Desjarlais, the head of the Cold Lake North American Indian Band that took part, Joyce Metchwais.

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