We post the decision of the Honourable Justice Edward Belobaba on the Ontario Superior Court of Justice. Click here to read.

The media conference will be at 1:00 p.m. EST today and it will be live-streamed to

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Ontario Sixties Scoop Steering Committee


Author: Sixties Scoop Lawsuit

The purpose of this site is to notify individuals directly or indirectly affected by the Sixties Scoop that they may register and possibly join in the class action lawsuit that is effectively proceeding against the Canadian Government. (October 2010) Please bookmark this site for further updates and registration information. Thank you.

3 thoughts on “FINALLY!

  1. The nerve.after what I went through and still do to this day being taken from my family and put into foster care and being adopted by a white alcoholic family being sexuallythese do with thesabused mentally being beating daily to tell me I don’t qualify for this lawsuit .Shame on you. Is this lawsuit about brown and commanda and you only ..I want to see what your going to with these dollars. I’m sorry I don’t.t have much faith in your honesty.we.ll see. We.ll see

  2. I was tooken from my mom when I was a baby and I’m still missing my brother who was stolen from hospital in edmonton alberta in 1963 he was 6months old and my name is carolyn powder my brother is terry powder and my phone number 7803181578

  3. So sorry this happened to you,,Color does not matter,pain is pain ,does not matter what skin color you are . I was a child whose skin color was the only skin color in an entire school. Please understand I looked AT no one and saw my face in any of them,was called a dirty little Indian from my so called parents ,My name was changed at 7 years old .I WOULD’NT change a dogs name because they know what their name is.PEACE BE WITH YOU

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